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India's largest pure ML competition for high schoolers


With mentorship from professionals

Engage with 100+ other ML enthusiasts

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The ML-thon

TISB brings you India's largest pure Machine Learning competition for high schoolers. The competition gives an opportunity for Machine Learning enthusiasts across India to demonstrate their skills and compete on fairgrounds. Participate and get a chance to win attractive cash prizes worth INR 35,000 and goodies.

Past Problem


Choose from 2 exciting

real-world problem statements

Statement 1

Can you predict the number of shares an article will get?

Kaggle Link

Statement 2

Can you predict the face attributes of a celebrity?

Kaggle Link



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Frequently asked questions

How many participants can join a team?

Teams can have 1 - 5 participants. You can go solo, or team up with others.

Am I eligible to participate?

You can participate as long as you are in grades 9 - 12, studying in India.

Is there any participation fee?

No, participation is free as we want to keep the competition open to as many students as possible.

I am new to Machine Learning. Can I still participate?

Yes, we encourage you to participate and join a healthy collaborative community for introducing yourself to machine learning. We have starter resources availalbe here (tisbmlthon.com/resources) For the problem statements, we will be providing starter code, and mentors (professionals and students) will guide you through the competition. This competition will also be a great learning opportunity for you to get started with Machine Learning.

Why is competition 9 days long?

Since every school follows a different calendar, we understand that not everyone can take out time on a single weekend. We do NOT expect participants to spend the entire week on this competition. We want you to work whenever you get time.

What is the structure of the competition?

You will be provided a dataset for the problem statement you have chosen on 10th April, at the start of the competition. You need to train a Machine Learning model, and make predictions on a second "test" dataset that we will be providing. The most accurate predictions on the "test" dataset will determine the winner.

Contact us at ml-thon@tisb.ac.in for any queries


The Team

Kush Mehta,


Pranav Rao,

Web Designer

Ayush Goel,


Seongjoon Kang,


Aryan Agrawal,


Rishabh Jain,

Student Mentor

Raghav Ramasamy,

Student Mentor



Registrations are now closed. Check back later in 2022!